Enel Green Power, renewable power for a sustainable future

We look for energy in every corner of the world, whether in the power of wind and water, in the warmth of the sun, in the depths of the earth and, above all, in people.

Let us walk together towards decarbonization

We strive every day to be a “green facilitator” for companies by innovating and setting new benchmarks in energy sustainability, constantly driving the limits of technology and consciousness of all stakeholders. 

Get familiar with our Green Label

Our green solution that allows companies to guarantee the use of energy from renewable sources in their operations.

More and more consumers are making purchasing decisions based on the impact that brands have on the environment and society.


It is not enough to produce in an exemplary manner, you must also be able to communicate your commitment by providing clear and accurate information on how the product is obtained, what happens during the production and distribution processes, and what is its impact on the environment.


When you purchase renewable energies with Enel, you can guarantee your customers a responsible and clean energy consumption through the Green Label: a badge of sustainability created by Enel Green Power

What is the Green Label?

It is a badge that our customers can place on establishments that consume renewable energy or on products made with this type of energy. It is used as a communication and marketing tool to position themselves as agents of sustainable change.


For the consumer, it is a "seal of quality" that immediately identifies products and companies that use clean energy generated by Enel Green Power in their industrial and commercial processes.