Here is where your daily energy comes from

Although the war scenario affects the world energy market, in Mexico we have some power plants that counteract the situation. Get to know them.

Power towers of a power plant to carry energy Power towers of a power plant to carry energy

The country and the world, in general, are going through a moment that requires a lot of attention and care, especially in energy matters, since the world's main suppliers are attentive to the war scenario in Russia and Ukraine. At the moment, the outlook for Mexico is not very alarming, but it is a good time to remember which power plants provide energy to the whole country and, above all, to discover which energy sources are more environmentally friendly.

Main power plants in Mexico

All the electrical energy we use in companies, businesses, and homes comes from 7 power plant solutions of enormous value for the country. Can you imagine? 7 types of power plants provide electricity to more than 130 million people in the country. Believe it or not, they are various sources, so it is very important to know them:



  • Combined Cycle power plants


They operate based on natural gas thermal properties. A conventional gas turbine is used first and then optimized with a steam turbine. Hence the distinctive name.


  • Hydroelectric

The second largest electrical exponent categorizes power plants that convert the power of water into emission-free energy. Therefore, harnessing the water flows of rivers, dams, and streams is of utmost importance.


  • Thermal power plants

We are talking about thermal or thermoelectric power plants that use fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal or fuel oil to generate electricity through a thermodynamic water-steam cycle.


  • Wind turbines

Exactly, we are talking about power plants with wind turbines with blades that rotate with the force of the wind. The kinetic energy of these blades is stored in a generator that generates the electricity we all know


  • Carboelectric

They are a variation of the thermal power plants; however, these plants use only coal, which is why they are highly polluting. Fortunately for the environment, we only have 2 in all of Mexico, specifically in Nava, Coahuila.


  • Photovoltaic sources

Power plants in this category are those that store sun's rays through solar panels to convert them into direct currents. We are talking about 50 photovoltaic parks throughout Mexico, a total of 4,549 MW overall.


  • Nuclear power plants

In this category we are talking about plants that use the heat from a nuclear reactor to generate energy under the same principle as thermal plants. Currently, Mexico has only one plant of this style, located in Laguna Verde in Alto Lucero, Veracruz.


Energy sources and their distribution

In Mexico, the electricity collected from the above energy sources is distributed through two different grids. As noted by the Ministry of Energy, we detected a pair of vital importance and different voltage levels:


  • Nacional Transmition Grid (RNT)

It is an integral system for transporting electric energy at a state level. It is connected to the RGD for supply to the public.


  • General Distribution Grids  (RGD)

It is the network system focused on distributing energy to homes and businesses in the country. It is characterized by having medium and low voltage levels for domestic uses.


As you can see, the country's energy sources are diverse, so the opportunities for generating green energy and other innovative solutions are enormous. Knowing where every ampere in your business is coming from is vital to recognizing your energy scope and leading the way to a cleaner energy source.