We not only represent you, we are your

energy manager

We are more than just a Qualified Supplier in the Wholesale Electricity Market; we are an energy manager.

Now, more than ever, energy is a key element for the competitiveness of companies.


The Wholesale Electricity Market is an open door to many opportunities for companies that decide to participate as a Qualified User. As your energy manager, we provide you with unique advantages to make your business more competitive.


  • We help you analyze your company's energy consumption and your objectives to design the most appropriate solution.  


  • We advise you to choose the contract that suits you best: short, medium or long term.


  • We make sure to provide you with a clear and transparent cost breakdown so that you know each component of your bill.


  • Tailor-made solutions: We aim to understand your needs in order to offer you customized solutions.



Everything you need to know about becoming a Qualified User:

There are three types of users in the Wholesale Electricity Market:


  • Basic User, those who consume little energy (less than 1 MW of demand).
  • Qualified User, medium, and large consumers (consuming more than 1 MW of demand).
  • Qualified Market Participant User, large consumers who choose this scheme (consumption over 5MW of demand and 20 GWh/year).