How does the Ukraine War affect the energy supply?

We tell you about some of the implications for the Mexican economy due to the war context, as well as a possible energy supply solution.

Oil plant to distribute and save energy Oil plant to distribute and save energy

There is a tendency in the country every time there is a crisis, shortage, or supply difficulties. The best example is the panic buying of toilet paper, disinfectants (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), and gasoline itself. So... is it time to save energy because of Ukraine vs. Russia war?


While there are important effects on our economy, sustainability solutions still deserve to be evaluated. In this blog, we will explain how the war context affects Mexico and deliver a possible solution. Take note!

Russia, the main supplier of oil and natural gas

Believe it or not, Russia supplies 40% of the oil for the entire European Union. As if this wasn’t enough, it supplies 25% of the natural gas for the same region. For this reason, there is an increasing concern about a constant rise in prices. This has caused many countries to start establishing commercial alliances with other suppliers, and as the law of supply and demand dictates, these suppliers raise their standards.


Up to this point, it seems that the energy problems do not cross the Pacific, however, Mexico is also involved in the problem. Our country is an importer of almost all the natural gas used domestically, in addition to being a major buyer of gasoline from abroad. The immediate effect on prices is only noticeable daily.

Time to save energy? Impact of natural gas in Mexico

Regarding natural gas, specialists affirm that Mexico has shielded itself against a war emergency due to its solid alliance and infrastructure developed with the United States, which could position itself as the main supplier. Of course, saving energy from natural gas is difficult when we include Mexico's price inflation into the equation.


On the other hand, our country has been spared from the exaggerated price increases of this energy source. Only in Europe, it has a price 50% higher than the standard price registered, in one day! Of course, the only threat to us is if the United States decides to sell more natural gas to the old continent than it currently trades, thus generating a deficit for our supply.

Ideas for achieving sustainability

As you can tell, national energy dependence on oil, gasoline, and natural gas from abroad is a downside in the current context of war or any other, the best solution to face this and other problems is the development of green energies that take advantage of technological innovation in balance with the environment. 


Do you know if the energy sources that currently supply you meet these requirements? Find out where your day-to-day energy comes from in our next blog and start evaluating the implementation of solutions for sustainability and sustainability in your daily operations.